2017 Free Agents In The NFL

The 2017 National Football League free agent period has started. It will be interesting to see which teams make the biggest splash and which teams flop. The free agent period gives teams a chance to add that final piece or two and help them make a playoff run.

There were rumors for a while that Mike Glennon was going to sign with the Chicago Bears and be their next quarterback thus ending the Jay Cutler era. I personally think that Mike Glennon is a decent quarterback but I am not sold on him leading a franchise on a deep playoff run. I also think that the Bears over paid for him just as they did with Jay Cutler. The Chicago organization have been dysfunctional for a long time and is a good reason why they are in the basement of the league. They should take a page from their rivals the Green Bay Packers and build through the draft.

The New England Patriots are an interesting team. They have a history of letting their top players go in free agency and picking up cheaper replacements. This year the top linebacker on the team is a free agent. Dont’a Hightower is a young player at the age of 26 and he is one of the best linebackers in the game. I am going to be very interested to see if New England will buck the trend of letting players go and actually give a big contract. New England has the luxury this year of having a lot of money to spend. This could be scary for the other teams in the NFL because I think players will go to New England just to win the Super Bowl and with as much money as New England has they could make a great team even better.

I mentioned Green Bay earlier as a team that likes to build through the draft. I think this year Green Bay has to be an active player in free agency. The window is closing on their chance to win a Super Bowl. The last several years Green Bay has been close to reaching the Super Bowl but this team has some glaring weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball. They have already missed out on several of the top defensive players. They might be smart to sign several second and third tier players and hope that some of them pan out.

Adrian Peterson is an interesting free agent. He is old by running back standards at the age of 31. He has been riddled with injuries and it is rumored that he wants about twice what teams are willing to pay him. I think Adrian Peterson can be productive in a running back by committee system. I do not think that he can play every down. It is going to be fun sitting back and watching this play out. I wonder where he will end up and how much a team is going to over pay for his services.

The free agency period always ends up with teams over paying for players that are past there prime or were one hit wonders. There will be some teams that manage to evaluate the talent and get a maximum return on their investment. You can kind of predict who the winners and losers will be based on the teams history. It is why New England is always good and Cleveland always sucks.

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