Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Odds & Betting Pre

Another season is starting for all football fans. It is a great time to look for information about your home team and know their next fixture. Odds and betting tips are provided by many experts who will help you win big this time round. Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins is a good game for any risk-taking person. There are hundreds of categories where you can make your predictions and win some prices. The odds vary and will leave you will good returns if you make the right choice. The match is schedule on Sunday at 1:00 EST at FedEx. From odds given by experts, the Redskins already look like the favorites in this big match.

Preview and Odds
On the first week of the campaign, the two NFC East rivals were on the losing ends of their respective games. Dallas lost 19-20 to the Giants while Washington lost 16-38 to Steelers. In their previous encounters, these teams have had challenging series where either of them emerges victorious. Last years, Dallas won 19-16 at Washington during the 13 weeks. Later on, in the 17 weeks, they lost 23-34. The current trend has been a bit consistent because the home side has lost 5 out of the last seven competitive meeting. Experts have a strong feeling that the Washington will still emerge winners in this week’s fixture.

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The loss to Steelers was very convincing. I find that the Cowboys have been performing below their average in recent times. Despite not getting a deserved the win against the Giants, I still find their game and mentality pleasing. Their quarterback, Dark Prescott completed 25 out of 45 for 225 yards during the game. Ezekiel Elliot had 51 yards on 20 carries. I will expect a better and more convincing performance from Elliot against the Giants. The Redskins were quite weak defensively and let De Angelo rush 143 yards and two scores.

Another thing that added to the loss against Steelers was the fact that Josh Norman stayed on one side. He is a very influential player who was not utilized during the game. He has a game changing ability which will help resolve the attacking tactics that failed for the Washington on that particular match. If he comes on this time with improved aggression to push forward and switch sides, the Cowboys will be in a better position to score more. Dallas will also be looking to improve the use and impact of Dez Bryant against the Cowboys. He had a poor performance against New York’s defense where he managed only one catch for 8 yards.

Cowboys have great control and possession on the ball. If they keep that performance during the whole game, they are likely to emerge victors in the challenge. I will not be surprised if they turn over the game and beat the Washington Cowboys. They potential is unmatched and have the ability to change the whole game in a few calculated moves. It is a perfect gamble for someone who is ready to take a huge risk.

You will also need to keep in mind that the Redskins are one dimensional in their offense. They managed only 12 points in their game against the Steelers as compared to 43 from their opponents. They are good in their defensive game and will cause a real problem to the attacks launched by Cowboys. The advantage of winning five of their last seven games is also something to go by. The Washington Redskins will be looking to extend their dominance against their biggest rivals. Despite a slow pick in most early matches at home, this one looks much promising to the Cowboys.