Minnesota Vikings Season Outlook

*A Closer Look at the Minnesota Vikings:

Some may consider the Minnesota Vikings an exceptional team. You must admit the Vikings have some very talented and exceptional players. Sports fans, analysts and even other team members are famous for making predictions about new recruits as well as up and coming future games. Sometimes predictions are accurate and sometimes they are not accurate.

Some of the latest news and predictions concerning the Minnesota Vikings may be no surprise to some people. Adrain Peterson seems to be exploring other options within the NFL. Peterson has proven himself as a competent running back. In addition, Adrain Peterson is currently one of the most popular names on the minds of free agents. Only time will tell what Peterson ultimately decides to do as far as career choices are concerned.

Adrain Peterson could end up signing with the Raiders or possibly the Seahawks. Adrain Peterson gives no hint to which team intrigues him the most. Some feel that signing with the Seahawks may ultimately be the better choice.

Many are already aware that Reily Reiff has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Reiff was a first round draft pick and had previously played for Detroit. It is certainly an asset to the Vikings to have Reily Reiff on their side. The fact that Reiff was a first round pick gives him a huge advantage. The Vikings are prepared to welcome this talented player with open arms.

The Vikings for whatever reason experienced a great amount of diversity in 2016. The Vikings did experience some very bad luck. Matt Kalil and Adrain Peterson were placed on the injured list in 2016. The loss of Kahil and Peterson was a great blow to the entire Vikings team.

It seems the Vikings will focus upon improving the teams overall strategy for 2017. Xavier Rhodes is an excellent player and had a good season in 2016 with the Vikings. Rhodes was responsible for the Viking’s five best interceptions.

*Improvements/Modifications to be made:

Many feel the Vikings will specifically focus upon improving their defense in the up and coming season. A strong defense is the core of any NFL team. Without a strong defense the team does not have much of a chance as far as proving their skill and abilities.

Due to the fact the Vikings suffered a number of setbacks in 2016, many feel the team members will use these experiences to become stronger and more united as a team.

The off season gives a team an opportunity to regroup and examine their strengths and weakness. Therefore, a hiatus can help a football team to formulate a new game plan which includes a more productive approach to becoming a better team.

Changes almost occur in the football off season. During this time, new contracts may be negotiated, team members may be traded and new coaches may come on to the scene. Some sports analysts refer to the football off season as “Spring Cleaning & Tune Up Time”.

Predictions concerning the NFL are generally based upon an analysis of previous games. In addition, the players are also analyzed to examine their strength and weakness. Finally, opinions are usually expressed on how a team can likely improve in the future.